Oral Surgeons Use Sedation to Make Procedures Easier

Posted on 8/15/2018 by Jeff Wasielewski DDS
Oral Surgeons Use Sedation to Make Procedures EasierAnytime you have an oral surgery procedure, it is common for us to use sedation to help you relax and avoid pain. Depending on what you are here for and your previous oral surgery history, we will suggest the best method of sedation to make the procedure easier.

Ultimately, you can decide what makes you most comfortable. If you have a fear of dental procedures, you may want to be put under, regardless of the surgery or if your child has never had oral surgery before, we may suggest using a specific sedation for them.

Types of Sedation Oral Surgeons Use

Depending on the surgical process, our oral surgeons can choose from these sedation options:
•  Local Anesthesia - You will be conscious throughout the surgery and a local anesthetic will numb the area. This is the same method used by a dentist during a procedure such as a root canal or filling. It will make you comfortable and you will feel no pain.
•  Laughing Gas - This sedation method consists of nitrous oxide and oxygen, commonly known as laughing gas and is administered through a mask to keep the patient awake but relaxed and comfortable through surgery. Nitrous oxide also works as an analgesic to control pain.
•  In-Office General and Local Anesthesia - When we use general and local anesthesia combined, you will completely asleep and unaware during the surgery. The medications are delivered intravenously.
•  Hospital General Anesthesia - You will be admitted to a hospital or surgery center for your procedure and an anesthesiologist will administer the sedation. This is usually indicated for patients who have extensive procedures or those with heart disease or lung conditions.

We will discuss all your sedation options to make the procedure as easy as possible for you, so you can have a fast recovery and go back to your normal activities.


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