You Need to Keep Infection Symptoms in Mind Following Any Oral Surgery Procedure

Posted on 11/30/2018 by Jeff Wasielewski DDS
Oral Surgery Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery MI 48170Anytime you have an oral surgery procedure, there are risks involved. Bleeding and infections are the most concerning to our staff, and we do everything in our power to lower the chances of either happening during and after the procedure.

What Happens After Oral Surgery

It is vital you ask questions during your consultation. Our staff and surgeon will be happy to give you information about any concerns related to your surgery. It doesn't matter if it's a filling, root canal, or extraction. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Once we determine your need for surgery, we will give you detailed instructions about what to do to prepare for the procedure and what to expect after oral surgery.

In general, if you have an outpatient procedure, we will monitor you until the bleeding has subsided before we allow you to go home after surgery.

You can expect some discomfort and swelling in the first few days after the procedure. Every patient is different, but in most cases, the swelling and discomfort diminishes after the first two days. However, these are symptoms you can expect and should not be concerned about.

It is critical to take it easy and not resume normal activities as this can disrupt your recovery.

Signs of Infection After Oral Surgery

While in most cases, patients recover without any problems, there are times infections happen, and we need to take care of them as soon as possible.

Some signs to watch out for are:

•  Fever that doesn't go away
•  Chills
•  Throbbing or stabbing pain that doesn't improve with medication
•  Discharge or pus oozing from the surgery site

Our surgeon usually prescribes an antibiotic to prevent an infection, but if you have any of these symptoms, you must call us without delay, so we can take care of you.


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